The transition to the public cloud can seem challenging at first, leaving you with many questions. Can I run my existing applications in Azure? Which services work best for our applications?  How will Azure benefit my business?

You’ll need to get off to the right start when you are setting up your Azure environment, ensuring it is scalable and supportable both now and in the future. This is where we can help – we’ll advise you on key area’s for consideration before you deploy your first resources to Azure.

New to Azure?

The first step is discussing what you’re trying to achieve. Do you have existing systems to migrate to Azure, or do you have a new application you’d like to deploy to Azure?

Already using Azure?

If you’re already in Azure, we’ll review what you’ve got and how the business can move forward. Are you using automation? Do you have a standard naming convention? Any issues you have encountered so far?


We can provide expert guidance on how to maximise the utilisation of Azure services in the most cost efficient manner, provide recommendations on improvements you can make to your existing Azure deployments and how to take the next steps to ensure your success in the Azure public cloud.

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