Security is at the forefront of many business’s mind when deploying applications and services to the public cloud. We can help you to secure your environment.


Backups are an essential requirement for your business critical systems. We can configure and monitor backup solutions for your Azure environment.

Disaster recovery

Where business critical systems need to be available with minimal downtime, we can enable Azure replications technologies to allow failover of your systems between global Azure regions.


Using best practices, tools including Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel, and through automated audits, we can give you peace of mind that your environment remains secure.

We can help to on-board your technical teams with technical knowledge of how Azure works and how they can deploy their applications to it.

Securing access

In addition to securing your Azure workloads, we can assist secured method of access, through mechanisms such as Azure Bastion and just-in-time access. Firewalls and Network Security Groups are deployed and configured, allowing only the access needed.


Microsoft Azure data centres have achieved compliance with over 90 industry standards for data security, collection and use in a variety of industries from broadcast media, to government and defence.

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